Customer Reviews


Ching Yu, Taiwan, 7 January 2024

Ambre is classic. Spicy, earthy, balsamic, vaguely sweetish, with slightly resinous smokiness in a warm musky undertone. As the introduction says, all very sensual and smooth. What makes me most happy is that these spicy notes like black pepper, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom smell just like the Masala chai that I love, the spiciness is just the right amount, exotic enough but not sharp, surrounded by creamy vanilla, very soft and delicious. There are many balsamic ingredients here, and perfumers are very good at using tinctures to add richness to the scent, giving the base different nuances and complexity, but it's not too complex like it making the other elements take over the main impression. Ambre has a slightly aromatic, spicy freshness, and nuances of tobacco, incense, pine shavings, peatiness and softly musky leather. All the textures are in great harmony here, the woodie of sandalwood and cedar really serve the amber well, and the ambery background is a familiar, lovely combination of benzoin, myrrh, frankincense and labdanum. After smelling too many synthetic super woody ambers, this real balsamic and woody scent feels so comforting and nostalgic. I would say the chai-like aspect conjures up delicious feel, but not really sweet. It's chewy, deep, with the dry and spiced powdery aftertaste, simultaneously has the clean brightness. I enjoy Ambre's gentle, soothing yet sensual touch very much. You can spray it much, but it's never too heavy, and wearing it at night is like being caressed by a warm cashmere shawl.


Ching Yu, Taiwan, 8 January 2024

When I‘m choosing which scents to buy from It Makes Perfect Scents, I’ve decided that Blanc is a must-buy because I always reserve a spot for white florals no matter how many I already own. Sometimes white floral scents turn me off because those scents too much like hairspray or bubble gum, why do companies make scents like this? I sold some, but I‘m still obsessed with them, and I believe there are always better white florals out there waiting for me to take home. Sometimes I almost think if they are not good enough because they’re not expensive. I typed in the notes I wanted to search for fragrances on Fragrantica, and then browsed one by one, following each new release. This time I really made the right choice. Blanc is so worthy. I‘ve sprayed it a lot since receiving the bottle, and every time I wear it, I still can’t stop being amazed ”what makes it smell so good“ and keep smelling my hands. I‘m not sure, is there any substance in this that makes me psychedelic? This really how I want my ideal white flower is, far more emotional appeal than many ones I’ve had. It‘s indeed a familiar floral, but brings together all the precious versatility and dimensionality of natural floral in a bottle. Déjà vu, just better. More sensual, more delicate, more crystal clear, more hypnotic, more narcotic. In the depth of decadence, the soulful beauty bloomed there, near sentimentality. Beginning with the zingily uplifting citrus sweetness of petitgrain bigarade and pink grapefruit, the gorgeous white floral chords of tuberose, jasmine, gardenia and magnolia are accompanied by tropical, creamy ylang-ylang. Rich, smooth, velvety. Hints of indole, waxiness, leafy-green, a little buttery touch mixed with peppery musk and rooty earthiness, and some leathery vanilla beneath. The perfumer has crafted a citrus peel tincture to enliven the floral with zesty feel, and added nectar accents by the rose petals tincture.
Although the luxuriance, Blanc is not a roaring flower, yet flowy, sensuous, and delicious at the same time, a dreamy pillow for a lover of white floral.

Bridal Consult

Tayla, Melbourne, 11 August 2023

I just received my custom perfume! It's absolutely amazing, better than I could have imagined. I absolutely adore it and can't wait to wear it on my big day.


Ching Yu, Taiwan, 20 January2024

I‘m still wearing Chypre tonight, a brilliant citrus floral that I can’t live without for over a week. I‘ve used a lot of it, luckily I bought the largest size. I can’t imagine if I had bought the travel size, if so, it would be empty by now. The opening is filled with this zingy, radiant, zesty citrus chord of bergamot, blood orange, May Chang and neroli. May Chang smells a bit like the lemon with the light floral, and has the refreshing citronella and ginger nuances, and the rounded, honeyed sweetness. Evoking the feeling of having Limoncello in the summer garden, all is shining geen and golden, sparkled and uplifting. Gardenia, jasmine neroli are a beautiful combination. The white floral here blends very elegantly into the background of greenery and citrus, but is not as prominent as Blanc. The lusciousness of gardenia and jasmine accentuates the richness of tobacco, and the real oakmoss brings facets of green fern, baked earth, and leather to the base, perfectly complementing the toffee amber note of labdanum, and herbaceous and rooty notes of patchouli. The whole background is woody, mossy, fresh spicy, aromatic and musky, and also has a hint oily-sweet balsamic touch in the depth, so addictive. It‘s a very classy scent and lifts your mood, which is so great to enjoy it in the winter.

Him Her

Ai Lian, Perth, 25 January 2024

Him Her is the perfect unisex perfume. Love the woody scents mixed together that's not too overpowering. A great go to scent for everyday use or for a special occasion.

Lily of the Valley

Ai Lian, Perth, 25 January 2024

I usually prefer wood scents over the others. I was really blown away by Lily of the Valley. The use of different natural oils to recreate the scent is ingenious. Definitely one of my all time favourites!


Jacqueline, Perth, 20 August 2023

Viola is the perfect every day perfume. It is effortlessly elegant. I put it on and immediately feel refreshed and ready for the day. Not to mention all the benefits of it being completely natural. I love it!